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About Us


In 1953 FRIENDLY HILLS COUNTRY CLUB & WHITTWOOD TOWNE CENTER did not exist; Colima didn’t “go over the hill” & the western boundary of Whittier was Painter Avenue. The Southern California home building boom was in full swing when WHITTIER BROKERS opened its doors for the first time.

Anchored on the belief that real estate CUSTOMERS should be served by agents who knew real estate negotiation, financing, taxes & the intricacies of a title policy, WHITTIER BROKERS was founded as an association of experienced real estate agents. They believed the customer deserved to have their home, their most valuable investment, represented by someone who KNEW the real estate business, not someone learning the business. By 1972 residential property management services were added to serve the growing needs of our clients.

TODAY, WHITTIER BROKERS is the oldest independent real estate company in the Whittier area, still family owned and operated. Our real estate staff OUTSELLS THE AVERAGE LOCAL AGENT 3.5 to 1, and our property management team services approximately 400 residential dwellings. Our OFFICE is linked with local and international real estate offices, our integrated client services & support staff are trained to SERVICE THE CUSTOMER.

PEOPLE WHO VALUE competence, cutting edge technology and personal attention prefer our boutique real estate office. Our MENU STYLE FEE STRUCTURE allows customers to buy only the services they need for their home; when we say fees are negotiable we actually have choices to offer you! At a time when many real estate offices are choosing not to carry professional liability insurance to protect their customers, WHITTIER BROKERS has the resources, financial stability and integrity to rival national franchisees & most importantly assure our customers their interests are protected.

We know real estate, we know our Southern California community and we look forward to knowing you!